Virtual Rehab (VRH) ICO Details & Financial Information

ICO NameVirtual Rehab
Start DateSeptember 30, 2019
End DateOctober 10, 2019
in 1 Month

Virtual Rehab’s innovative and powerful solution (supported by existing research) is intended to psychologically rehabilitate those in most need for our service offering.

CEO & Founder
Co-Founder & CFO

PSA: Please stop using “you need therapy” to let someone know that they have done something wrong.

Therapy is NOT a punishment. It’s not a sentence. It’s what you do when you’re looking for a new way to grow your in your personal life, regardless of illness or shitty behavior.

I used to be ashamed of taking medication for my mental health and didn’t tell anyone for years!Would a diabetic be ashamed for taking medication? Glad people can talk more now and the stigma is getting better. Never be ashamed of who you are & of a illness!

We have an ethical responsibility to talk about mental health.

I grew up getting no education about mental health, and it had almost disastrous consequences for me and my family.

It’s a moral obligation to provide accessible #mentalhealth education.

After completing my DD, I was very excited about the opportunity to partner with @ViRehab.

Strong team, Strong traction, and a noble cause, which is in-line with my beliefs.

$VRH #VirtualRehab #MentalHealth #AI #VR

@scottmelker @ViRehab

Virtual Rehab’s innovative solution & its cost efficiency is referenced by Dr. Bobbie Ticknor in her publication “Using Virtual Reality to Treat Offenders: An Examination” 🚀

$VRH #VR #AI #Neuroscience #Corrections #VirtualRehab

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Price1 VRH = 0.1 USDSale400,000,000Payment ModeETH, BNB
Minimum Investment100 USDDistribution60%RaisedN/A
Soft Cap5,000,000 USDHard Cap20,000,000 USD

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