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ICO NameQAN Blockchain Platform
Start DateJanuary 20, 2020
End DateMarch 23, 2020
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QAN has mapped out all the key features needed by industry players, developers and platform users, and combined them into one powerful solution. These features are:

– Quantum Security: The first quantum-proof blockchain platform that resists the most advanced cyber-attacks in the years to come, based on Lattice cryptography – which means it’s resilient to quantum attacks.
– User-Friendly: All major languages accepted to write smart contracts. Developers can write smart contracts in the language they already know, thus ensuring fast adoption.
– Low Energy: Far less computing resources and low energy consumption thanks to the
unique consensus – Proof-of-Randomness (PoR).
– Speed and Scalability: 100 times faster than Ethereum – TPS 97k for enterprise (POA) chains.
– 5G and IoT-Friendly: Heavy research on 5G-friendliness to benefit from 5G technology.
– Complete Ecosystem: Each participant is financially motivated [node providers, smart
contract developers (generic and specific), validators].
– Easily Adoptable for Businesses: Fixed transaction prices in FIAT to ensure planning
predictability for company CFOs.


🎉 The QAN private blockchain is ready and commercially available 🎉

It is a huge milestone for us. Finally everyone can see what we have developed in the background.

Click the link below to get your access key:

#blockchain #programming #rustlang

🤓📚You may already know that our quantum-resistant algorithm is based on Lattice-based Cryptography. If you want to learn more about Lattice-based Cryptography you should join the session of @PQCryptoConf on Wednesday.


#PQCrypto #cryptography

Welcome on board @482solutions Team 👋

http://482.solutions one of Ukraine’s top Blockchain firms for 2020 – named by Clutch – starts testing QANplatforms’s private blockchain, so they can widen their development portfolio with QANplatform.

#blockchain #development #dev #IT

[ANNOUNCEMENT] 🎉 QARK Token listed on the 2nd exchange 🎉 Cryptocurrency exchange WhiteBIT and QAN announce listing of QARK Tokens on the exchange platform of WhiteBIT from September 10, 2020.


$QARK #QARK #cryptocurrency #WhiteBIT #QANplatform

🎉 QARK Token is listed on @CoinMarketCap 🎉 Now on, you can track the QARK Token prices, rankings, and market on the #1 crypto website.


$QARK #QARK #cryptocurrency #CoinMarketCap #crypto #blockchain #blockchainplatform #QAN #QANplatform

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Price0.2700 USD Sale88,888,800 Payment ModeUSD, EUR, GBP, PLN, BTC, ETH, USDC
Minimum Investment100 USD Distribution27% RaisedN/A
Soft CapN/A Hard Cap29,333,304 USD

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