Mindsync (MAI) ICO Details & Financial Information

ICO NameMindsync
Start DateMarch 01, 2019
End DateDecember 31, 2019

MindSync is an AI-as-a-Service and Expert-as-aService platform. We seek to help solve business problems of customers through AI-based solutions that are created through rewarding competitions within the community or through choosing from a wide range of production-ready solutions in our repository.

Chief Executive Officer, Founder
Chief Technology Officer, Co-Founder
Data Scientist & Head of Competitions

The quantitative assessments of the progress of AI highlighted the role of augmented intelligence, combining human intelligence with artificial intelligence to produce better results in cybersecurity defense. Read more: https://mindsync.page.link/6jLb

About half of small businesses fail within five years. But technologies like AI (Artificial Intelligence) can be a big help. They may even transform the business. Read more: https://mindsync.page.link/kUGA

Distributed computing is one of the great platform features that distinguishes Mindsync from its competitors. Read more: https://mindsync.page.link/PLC9

There’s no existing classification for what makes a company an “AI company.”
The AI Maturity Journey: What Does It Mean to Be An AI Company?
Read more: https://mindsync.page.link/dRr6

AI Stats News: 64% Of Workers Trust A Robot More Than Their Manager https://www.forbes.com/sites/gilpress/2019/11/01/ai-stats-news-64-of-workers-trust-a-robot-more-than-their-manager/

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Price0.1400 USDSale500,000,000Payment ModeETH, BTC, LTC
Minimum Investment100 USDDistribution50%RaisedN/A
Soft Cap4,200,000 USDHard Cap70,000,000 USD

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