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Having witnessed the rapid development of decentralized applications over the past several years, JURA NETWORK has the vision of building the next-generation blockchain technologies. The requirements for a robust decentralized network are high in terms of scalability, finality and reliability in the face of malicious network activities. Although a plethora of networks have been proposed and adapted in recent years, current levels of transactions per second (TPS), network security, and lack of scalability have left ample room for improvement. With these in mind, the JURA team introduces JURA, a novel technology designed by JURA NETWORK, in details in this article. It encompasses the Fusus, a DAGlattice data structure as the basis for a distributed ledger, a proof of utility (PoU) consensus mechanism to self-regulate in a decentralized network, an anti-spamming proof of verifiable random time (PoVRT) module, a sharding technology for scalability design, and an AI filter as the security layer. The JURA team believes that JURA will pave the way for widespread deployment of decentralized applications and open up new avenues of improvement to the current market landscape.

Dear Jura’s fans! Here comes our Monthly Report of September and first week of October from #Jura! Share your concerns about technology developments and Jura team’s recent activities. Please check it!
#Blockchain #MonthlyReport @IrisY_Jura

September will be end. Summer will past.
@JuraProtocol Our monthly report for September🈷️will be available soon. Please be patient.😀
@IrisY_Jura #MonthlyReport

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