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CountryHong Kong
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Automated Price Regulation
We have built a platform that eliminates bidding or negotiations. A fair price is dynamically set per job using our proprietary price regulation algorithm.

Freelancer Verification
All freelancers who wish to work on the platform, go through a decentralized skill verification process through an unbiased Jury system made up of qualified, expert freelancers.

Seamless Fund Withdrawals
Freelancers are paid in HFT and can withdraw funds from their Hirefreehands wallet seamlessly to convert on cryptocurrency exchanges or spend on other services within the platform.

Quality Oriented Job Management Workstream
We have designed an intelligent Project management system that ensures freelancers deliver quality work. It simplifies communication between freelancers and clients and this helps reduce disputes.

Smart Contract Payments & Remittances
Escrow fees are eliminated on the platform as the smart contracts signed for every transaction handles the settlement of tokens to the freelancer after each successful job.

Unbiased Dispute Resolution
A decentralized random Jury system comprised of qualified users oversees dispute resolution between users, to ensure fairness and eliminate biased judgements driven by a central authority.


We are pleased to announce our partnership with The Refinery!

The Refinery is a data-driven advisory firm that specializes in startup growth optimization.

This collaboration will see us accelerating growth and operational efficiency by optimizing our strategies, and structure.

We help companies build and maintain a strong connection with tech talent, fostering seamless collaboration and communication through our built-in management tools.

#Hirefreehands #RemoteWork

Many top organizations find it more expensive replacing in-house employees than retaining them.

According to a report by OwlLabs, Organizations who embrace remote work have about 25% less employee turnover thereby costing less.

Make the switch to remote work today!


Companies today are looking for innovative ways of recruiting top talent without spending outrageous sums and time hiring.

At Hirefreehands, we have created an on demand workplace platform where affordable world class talent can be hired and managed seamlessly.


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Price1 HFT = 0.05 USD Sale249,500,000 Payment ModeUSD, BTC, ETH
Minimum InvestmentN/A Distribution50% RaisedN/A
Soft Cap2,000,000 USD Hard Cap10,000,000 USD

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