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ICO NameDayta
Start DateMay 01, 2019
End DateMay 10, 2019
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We in the Dayta project believe that your personal information is yours to consume, withhold, disseminate and manage as you see fit. GDPR and other data protection and data privacy regulations will help with this, especially in relation to marketing consent and 3rd party organisations that manage data. However, it is not the intention of regulatory authorities and legal frameworks to bludgeon businesses into avoiding the use of our personal data but make clear their responsibilities and the extent to which they are accountable for its use and safe-keeping, building on previous complimentary regulations such as the Data Privacy Directive (DPD), ePrivacy Directive and PECR.

CEO & Founder
Customer Experience and Marketing Director
Senior Software Consultant

Why not monetise your data?

Everyday purchases such as ordering a burger will give these companies access to your personal information; which they will use and sell.

So with Dayta, you can charge them for your own information!

Dayta. My Data, My Choice

Trust is a key aspect between businesses and their customers.

Dayta will allow your customers to know exactly how their data is being used, so there is more transparency for your customers.

Work with Dayta today and build upon that trust between you and your customers.


Signing up for a free online trial and cancelling it before the trial period ended?

Well, it’s not free as you’re giving away your personal data which could be charged for!

With Dayta, you can manage who has your data and how companies can interact with it.


Why Dayta?

Watch this interview with the Founder & CEO of Dayta, Zumar Ahmed!

Hosted by the 2019 London Blockchain Expo.


Check out to sign up to the waiting list!


Profit from your personal data!

Dayta enables users to finally partake in the profits companies produce by using our data for marketing purposes, behaviour analysis and customer insight.

Check out to be on the waiting list

#Dayta. My Data, My Choice.

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Price1 DAYTA = 0.0000296 ETHSale1,500,000,000Payment ModeETH, BTC, LTC, DASH
Minimum Investment250 USDDistribution60%RaisedN/A
Soft Cap3,000 ETHHard Cap45,000 ETH

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