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Typical blockchains have several major well- known problems with data storage. These problems require new third-party protocols to be integrated on-top of existing blockchains, as fees are too high for on-chain storage to be feasible. Therefore, with typical blockchains there is always going to be a cost to access content, and content is never stored perma- nently. As the demand for data storage grows exponentially, the need for a decentralized low-cost data storage protocol that can scale is a necessity.

Co-Founder & CEO
Co-Founder & CTO

#ArDriveWebLaunch is in full swing! It means a few things, first and foremost starting with new features, bug fixes and performance improvements. Oh and we are giving away ARDRIVE tokens to those who participate! Let’s see what we have in store 👇

First fully functional Arweave address using a Ledger.

@lucacervone (founder of @OpenBitsWorld ) playing around with sending funds and uploading data.


We are very pleased to let you all know that #EvermoreDatastore is now available for Mac OS X ! Download it here -> http://bit.ly/2KiOK3a #Crypto #dropbox #owncloud #icloud #arweave

This morning, @nathanielpopper and @nytimes wrote about the Arweave protocol’s uses in combating authoritarian censorship around the world.

https://www.nytimes.com/2021/01/26/technology/big-tech-power-bitcoin.html 1/5

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