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A cooperative banking system powered by blockchain, built for everyone.

What are the best strategies for modernizing infrastructure and IT operations to manage rapid change for your bank? #Fintech leaders @peter_demeo, @SpirosMargaris, @taynaahreis, @msasya and Brad Chun will answer.
🗓March 26
⏰ 11:00 AM CT

Did you know that women save more of their salaries than men? Women are more disciplined and patient. #Moeda2Years #WomenImpact #GlobalGoals #SDG5

Sabia que mulheres poupam mais de seus salários que homens? Elas são mais disciplinadas e pacientes: #Moeda2Years #WomenImpact #GlobalGoals

All women are gifted 30 MDALOYAL – our currency used for #ImpactInvest – to invest in #SeedProjects. Use now the WOMENIMPACT code: /GiftWomen#Moeda2Years #WomenImpact #GlobalGoals #MêsdaMulher

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